Yan Dong (PD)

Home Town:  Lanzhou, Chinayandong

Undergraduate Education: Bachelor of Science, Materials Science and Engineering-Shanghai Jiao Tong University, Shanghai,China

Graduate Education: PhD from the University of Michigan (2016). Thesis title: “Correlations between oxide structure, iron distributions, and zirconium oxide growth”

Research Area: Zirconium based alloys are mainly used as cladding materials in nuclear power plants. Upon elevated temperatures, these materials are subjected to oxidizing. Alloys with greater corrosion resistance are required to ensure the efficiency and reliability of nuclear reactors. The objectives of my project is to use both APT and TEM to explore the effects, roles and mechanisms of 1) oxide phases and interface properties 2) alloying elements and 3) grain boundary chemistry on the oxidation behavior and kinetics of zirconium based alloys.

Outside of Research: In my free time, I like spending time in trying different activities. I have tried canoeing, swimming, skating and so on. I like all of them ^^, but unfortunately I am good at none of them T_T. I love music and dancing, reading books and watching movies. Sometimes I enjoy playing with logic-based puzzles like Sudoku and other reasoning games.