Disability Justice Network (DJN) 

Working in partnership with Disability Culture at the University of Michigan, the Disability Justice Network, or DJN, is a faculty and staff collective that fosters discussion about disability justice at the University of Michigan, provides a supporting community for staff and faculty with disabilities and their allies, and cultivates change on campus.

The DJN received initial funding from the University’s ADVANCE Program to organize its first events. It now seeks to broaden its network of allies to include administrators, faculty and staff.

Anyone wishing to be a part of the conversation can join the DJN listserv ([email protected]) by going to MCommunity and subscribing to the Disability Justice Network.

Disability Inclusion in the Ongoing Pandemic

AccessADVANCE Webinar and panel discussion: April 21, 2023

The COVID-19 pandemic has had an outsized impact on the disability community. Many people with disabilities are at a high risk for severe COVID and continue to avoid in-person gatherings. Other people have joined the disability community after acquiring long COVID. As organizations and communities return to pre-pandemic norms, what implications does this have for disability inclusion? What can we do to ensure our organizations are welcoming and accessible to people with disabilities?

President Ono, Is There a Place for People with Disabilities at Michigan?

By Emmanuelle Marquis, Remi Yergeau, Robert Adams, Vivan Cheung, and Ann Jeffers.

Michigan Daily. April 13, 2023

We chose to work and would like to continue working for the University in a climate that is inclusive and supportive. Moving forward, we expect a workplace that embraces disability: not one that grudgingly complies with the ADA, but exceeds its standards.

Institutions Must Do More to Accommodate Those With Long Covid

Long haulers are just one more group excluded from fully participating in academe.