About us

Our buzzwords: Alloy, Microstructure, Evolution, 3D, Microscopy,
Precipitation, Oxidation, Corrosion, Radiation effects, Mechanical properties, …

May 2016

May 2016 – Left to right: (back) Mukesh Bachhav (Now scientist at Idaho Nat. Lab.), Elaina Anderson (GS), Peng-Wei Chu (GS),
Kevin Fisher (GS), Adam McFarland (M.S. graduated), Yan Lao (now on sabbatical), Emmanuelle Marquis (PI) 
(front) Tim Chen (B.S. graduated), Vic Araullo-Peters (now PD at ETH – Zurich), Ellen Solomon (GS), Yan Dong (PD), Talia Barth (GS)

Early news from 2017

Following Kevin successful PhD thesis defense (May 2017), it was first Peng-Wei‘s turn to impress us (August 23rd) then Ellen (September 1st). Congratulations Dr Chu and Dr Solomon!

Kevin and Yan both started in their new positions (in Pittsburg, and Taiwan respectively). Ransom Stamps from Missouri S&T and Etienne Le Mire from the Ecole Centrale de Nantes spent a few months with us. It was a lot of fun to work with all of them and we will miss you greatly!!

Iman just joined us as a post-doc researcher from Iowa State University. We are very excited to be working with him. 

We were at TMS in February (Ellen will be awarded the best 2016 TMS Light Metals Magnesium Best Paper – Student Award),  the Gordon Conference on High temperature Corrosion in July (Kathleen and Talia), the Gordon Conference on Physical Metallurgy also in July (Emmanuelle), the Environmental degradation in Materials in nuclear power systems in August  (Kevin), and Microscopy & Microanalysis also in August (Elaina, Li-Jen, Talia, Kathleen, Iman, and Emmanuelle).

We have a few new stories and papers in review we can’t wait to share with you!

We have at least one position available for a graduate student so talk to us if you are interested!

Group News (2016)

Yan Dong successfully defended her thesis! Elaina Anderson successfully defended her prelim examination and became a PhD candidate. Adam McFarland defended his Masters thesis. Vic Araullo-Peters finished his post-doc tenure and started in a new position at ETH in Zurich. Lan Yao also finished his research scientist position and started a year of world travels.  We miss you all!

We welcomed new members: Li-Jen Yu and Kathleen Chou who started in September as pre-doctoral students and James Mohan (Sophomore), Larissa Woryk (MSE senior), and Dan Zarkrzewski (MSE junior) who joined us for one semester (or two) of undergraduate research experience.

Ellen Solomon and Peng-Wei Chu each gave fantastic presentations at the annual MSE graduate symposium in November, both winning silver medal! And earlier in the year, Kevin Fisher had won a Microcopy and Microanalysis Student Award.

We also have plenty of new exciting results to share, with new publications from our programs on Mg alloys and bulk metallic glass matrix composites.