• Yan defending her thesis (Dec 2016)

    Yan's defense, 2016

  • Ellen and Peng-Wei among the 2016 MSE graduate Symposium winners

    2016 MSE graduate Symposium finalists: Congratulations Ellen!

  • Mad scientist...

    Guess who..

  • Elaina and Tim having fun at the MConnex event!

    Elaina and Tim on ice cream making! (2016 MConneX)

About us

Our buzzwords: Alloy, Microstructure, Evolution, 3D, Microscopy,
Precipitation, Oxidation, Corrosion, Radiation effects, Mechanical properties, …

One graduate student position available  – contact us.

This year’s early news

Since Yan, Kevin, Peng-Wei, and Ellen’s successful PhD thesis defenses last year, we welcomed new members in the group. Paul Chao, Ransom Stamps started their PhD work with us. Dr. Iman Ghamarianfrom Iowa State University and Dr. Yakun Zhu from Ohoa State University joined us as a post-doc researchers. David Allen and Malhar Kute, two MSE juniors, are also getting their first taste of research this summer and continuing this fall. We are very excited to be working with all of them! 

We can’t wait to present results from some of our new projects. Next year (2019), we will be at TMS in San Antonio in March, the Gordon Conference on High temperature Corrosion in July, the Gordon Conference on Physical Metallurgy also in July, and Microscopy & Microanalysis in August.

We have a few new stories and papers in review we can’t wait to share with you!

Group timeline and other news

  • September 2018: Thomas Maulbeck and Anshul Kamboj join the group: Welcome!
  • September 2018: Li-Jen Yu is now PhD candidate. Congratulations Li-Jen!
  • August 2018: Dr. Yakun Zhu joins the group: Welcome!
  • June 2018: Kathleen Chou is now PhD candidate. Congratulations Kathleen!
  • May 2018: David Allen and Malhar Kute, MSE rising juniors at UoM, join us for the summer: welcome!
  • January 2018: Ransom Stamps joins the group: welcome!
  • December 2017: Best wishes to Peng-Wei in his next adventures in Taiwan and job with TSMC!
  • November 2017: Talia wins 2nd prize in Structural Materials research Category at the UoM Engineering Graduate Symposium
  • September 2017: Paul Chao joins the group: welcome!
  • September 2017: Congratulations to Ellen Solomon who successfully defended her thesis! Best wishes for your next adventures and job with Engineering Systems.
  • August 2017: Talia Barth is now PhD candidate. Congratulations Talia!
  • August 2017: Congratulations to Peng-Wei Chu who successfully defended his thesis! 
  • August 2017: Ransom and Etienne: thank you for your time with us, we’ll miss you! 
  • August 2017: Welcome Dr. Iman Ghamarian!
  • July 2017: Elaina Anderson wins a 2017 Microscopy Microanalysis Student Scholar Award!
  • June 2017: Ransom Stamps, senior student at Missouri University of Science and Technology in Rolla, joins us for the summer: welcome!
  • May 2017: Congratulations to Kevin Fisher who successfully defended his thesis! Best wishes for your next adventures and job with Bettis!
  • April 2017: Best wishes to Yan for her next adventures and job with Applied Materials!
  • March 2017: Etienne Le Mire, student at the Ecole Centrale de Nantes, joins us for a few months: welcome!
  • December 2016: Congratulations to Yan Dong who successfully defended her thesis!
  • December 2016: Ellen Solomon selected for the 2017 TMS Light Metals Magnesium Best Paper – Student Award!
  • November 2016: Ellen Solomon and Peng-Wei-Chu win silver medals in the MSE graduate symposium!
  • September 2016: Larissa Woryk (MSE senior) joins us for a few months.
  • September 2016: Elaina Anderson is now PhD candidate. Congratulations Elaina!
  • September 2016: Best wishes to Vic Araullo-Peters for his next adventures in Zurich!
  • August 2016: Li-Jen Yu and Kathleen Chou join the group: welcome!
  • July 2016: Kevin Fisher wins a Microcopy and Microanalysis Student Award!
  • June 2016: James Mohan (sophomore – MSE major) and Riley Bohr (junior – CS major) join us for the summer of research on atom probe tomography data analysis methods.
  • May 2016: Best wishes to Lan Yao and Adam McFarland for their next adventures!
  • April 2016: Lindsay Purvis wins the Best Session Award for all of the Medical Device Development Projects in the ME Undergraduate Symposium. Congratulations Lindsay!
  • April 2016: Adam McFarland received his Master’s Degree. Congratulations Adam!
  • December 2015: Best wishes to Jong-Doo Ju for his next position.
  • September 2015: Junhua Chen, Ana Reyes, and Lindsay Purvis start undergraduate research projects: welcome!
  • September 2015: Welcome to the group, Talia Barth!
  • June 2015: JongDoo Ju joins the group: welcome!
  • May 2015: Timothy Chan, Graham Keep, Yuling Liu, and Yuxiang Zhang start a summer of undergraduate research experience with us: welcome!
  • April 2015: Ellen Sitzmann is now PhD candidate. Congratulations Ellen!
  • April 2015: Best wishes to Craig Shaner for his new job!
  • March 2015: Lifan Yan joins the group half time. Welcome back Lifan!
  • April 2015: Andrew Chen Thank you for your participation as undergrad researcher- have fun at Stanford!
  • January 2015: Thomas Bajis Thank you for your participation as undergrad researcher!
  • October 2014: Yimeng Chen is starting a new position at Cameca Instruments in Madison, WI. We will miss you!
  • September 2014: Elaina Anderson: Welcome to our group!
  • August 2014: Dr. Vicente Aurollo-Peters joins us from the University of Sydney: welcome!
  • August 2014: Peng-Wei Chu is now PhD candidate. Congratulations Peng-Wei!
  • August 2014: UM junior Benjamin Utall-Beroff finished his summer project with us: have fun next semester in Japan!
  • May 2014: UM senior Chad Kay is graduating and starting at Ford. Thank you for your time with us and all the best!
  • May 2014: UM junior Maureen Daum finished her semester project: thank you for your contribution!
  • April 2014: Reshma Mathew is awarded a MS degree: best wishes for the future.
  • April 2014: Kevin Fisher is now PhD candidate. Congratulations Kevin!
  • December 2013: Allen Hunter is off to FEI. Thank you for your contribution and time with us!
  • November 2013: Dr. Lan Yao from Oak Ridge National Laboratory joins the group!
  • September 2013: Craig Shaner, Welcome to the group!
  • August 2013: Yan Dong‘s first paper accepted in Journal of Nuclear Materials.
  • July 2013: UM senior Julia Kohanek‘s short summer with us. Good luck in grad school!
  • May 2013: Good luck to UM sophomore Sean Gray in his future endeavors. Thank you for your contribution and time with us!
  • April 2013: Congratulations to Adam McFarland for winning the 2013 Brian Worth Prize!
  • Feb 2013: Congratulations to Yan Dong for receiving the 2013-2014 Barbour fellowship!
  • Feb 2013: Peng-Wei Chu Welcome to our group!
  • September 2012: Ellen Sitzmann and Kevin Fisher join the group.
  • May 2012: Welcome Adam McFarland, a summer undergraduate researcher!
  • March 2012: Dr. Allen Hunter from Northwestern U joins the group.
  • February 2012: Dr. Mukesh Bachhav from U. of Rouen joins the group.
  • September 2011: Yan Dong and Reshma Mathew join the group.
  • June 2011: Dr. Yimeng Chen from NIMS in Japan joins the group.
  • January 2011: Day 1.