May 2016 – Left to right: (back) Mukesh Bachhav (Post-doc. Now scientist at Idaho Nat. Lab.), Elaina Anderson (M.S.), Peng-Wei Chu (PhD. now at TSMC), Kevin Fisher (PhD. now at Bettis), Adam McFarland (M.S. Now at Mahle), Yan Lao (PD), Emmanuelle Marquis (PI) 
(front) Tim Chen (B.S.), Vic Araullo-Peters (Post-doc. now at ETH – Zurich), Ellen Solomon (PhD. now at  Engineering Systems Inc.), Yan Dong (PhD. now at Applied Materials), Talia Barth (GS)

Former members

  • Dr Kathleen Chou (Currently at Eaton)
  • Dr Li-Jen Yu (currently at TSMC, Taiwan)
  • Dr Talia Barth (currently at LAM Research)
  • David Allen (currently MSE M.S. student at UM)
  • Malhar Kute, MSE senior
  • Elaina Anderson, M.S.
  • Dr Ellen Solomon, PhD. (currently consultant at Engineering Systems Inc)
  • Dr Kevin Fisher, PhD. (currently at Bettis)
  • Dr Peng-Wei Chu, PhD. (currently Assistant Professor at National Tsing Hua University, Taiwan)
  • Larissa Woryk, MSE senior  (currently at graduate student UPenn)
  • Dr Yan Dong, PhD. (currently post-doc at Guangzhou University, China)
  • Dr Mukesh Bachhav, post-doc  (currently technical staff at Idaho National Laboratory)
  • Dr Vicente Araullo-Peters, post-doc  (post-doc at ETH Zurich, Switzerland)
  • James Mohan, MSE sophomore
  • Riley Bohr, CSE undergrad
  • Adam McFarland, MS. (Associate Engineer at Mahle)
  • Dr Lan Yao, researcher 
  • Timothy Chan, MSE senior
  • Lindsay Purvis, ME senior
  • Graham Keep, MSE senior 
  • Yuling Liu, MSE senior
  • Yuxiang Zhang, MSE senior (currently MS in Mechanical Engineering)
  • Craig Shaner, MS (Materials Engineer at Hanon Systems)
  • Thomas Bajis, MSE junior
  • Andrew Chen, MSE  junior (Currently at Stanford)
  • Dr Yimeng Chen, Post Doc (APT Application Scientist at Cameca Instruments Inc., Madison, WI)
  • Steven Walker, MSE senior (Ford Motor Company)
  • Benjamin Uttal-Beroff, MSE junior
  • Reshma Mathew, MS
  • Dr Allen Hunter, Post-doc (Currently at Instrument Scientist at (MC)2 – he is back on campus!)
  • Julia Kohanek, MSE senior (Currently: Material Science Ph.D. Student at University of Illinois)
  • Sean Gray, Nuclear Engineering Undergraduate researcher
  • Dr Rong Hu, DPhil 2013, Oxford (currently post-doc at the Max-Planck Institut fur Eusenforschung – MPIE. Germany)
  • Dr Ceri Williams, DPhil 2012, Oxford (Currently Materials Consultant at Innoval Technology, UK)
  • Dr Tong Li, DPhil 2012, Oxford (Currently Assistant Professor at Ruhr-Universität Bochum, Bochum. Germany)
  • Thomas Rousseau, Stage d’ingenieur 2010, Oxford