IRP (DE-NE0000639)

Irradiation effects in model alloys (Fe-Cr & Fe-Ni-Cr) and commercial alloys (800H, HT9) – part of the IRP-High Fidelity Ion Beam Simulation of High Dose Neutron Irradiation program

Marquis group sub-team

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Main collaborators: Bob Odette (UCSB) and Dane Morgan (U. of Wisconsin)

Our approach

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  1. Characterization of microchemical changes in alloys under irradiation, Lecture at the semi-annual IRP workshop, Penn State, June 2015
  2. (Poster). A snapshot of the microstructural evolution of alloy 800H under heavy ion irradiation. Elaina Anderson,  …, Manchester, UK. July 2016.
  3. (invited) Phase decomposition in Fe-Cr alloys under irradiation, Emmanuelle Marquis. Fall MRS Meeting, Boston, MA. December 2016
  4. (Invited) Emmanuelle Marquis. Annual TMS Meeting. San Diego, CA. February 2017

 Work financially supported by the IRP program (DE-NE0000639) and the NSUF program (DE-AC07-051D14517).